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Request Work-Study Funding

Please complete the following form to request Work-Study funding.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to be awarded work-study funding all students must complete the FAFSA and meet all applicable eligibility criteria including being enrolled in the semester you are working in and maintaining satisfactory academic progress at all times.

Submitting a request for Work-Study funding does not guarantee you will be awarded funding as funds are limited and certain eligibility requirements must be met. Requests are reviewed in date order as funding becomes available.

Please provide the following information:

Student ID Number:
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Loan Adjustments:
IMPORTANT: Students are not allowed to receive financial aid in excess of their total cost of attendance budget. Your total cost of attendance budget may have already been met with grants and student loans. In order to receive Work-Study funding, it may be necessary to reduce your student loans.

Would you like us to adjust your student loans in order to allow you to receive Work-Study funding if necessary?